4ft 6 Double Beds

When choosing furniture for a compact living space, one must ensure that the furniture suits both the room dimensions, is highly practical and functional, and yet is stylish to the highest degree.
Out 4 ft 6 beds are the perfect fit when looking for functional small double beds. Each one of them has the added benefit of being a double bed with storage – this ensures that they carry a high value for a compact living space.
The material that these 4 ft 6 beds with storage are constructed with is sturdy. They make a great seasonal home for what you need to store and an amazing place for you to not just rest your head at night but also take naps or have chats with loved ones during the day. Our beds are designed to be ergonomically ideal and not only fit snugly in a corner or the centre of your beautiful bedroom, but also be the coziest place for you to gather your thoughts after a long day.

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